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American Constitution Unit Study
free American Constitution Unit Study

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Give your kids a crash course in American civics with this free two-week unit study.

  • Learn how the United States of America gained strength as a nation through the formation and ratification of the Constitution. 
  • Head to Philadelphia and observe the wranglings of the framers as they argued over how to structure the new government. 
  • Meet Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, and other figures from history who may be new to you, such as Roger Sherman and Gouverneur Morris. 
  • Learn what was missing from the Constitution and how amendments addressed some of those problems. 
  • Learn how a president is elected, why the framers devised the Electoral College, and how the three branches of government work together.

Your kids will read, discuss, write, and exercise creative thinking skills as they work through this unit study. They will gain a better grasp of American history and a deeper appreciation for the role the Constitution plays in day-to-day politics and elections. 

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What Your Children Will Do, Using This
Homeschool Resource

  • read, or have read to them, the book What is the Constitution? and discuss it
  • study the Preamble of the Constitution
  • learn new vocabulary
  • create an imaginative Bill of Rights
  • enjoy and analyze art related to the history of the Constitution
  • do copywork or dictation with passages from the reading 
  • do mapping activities
  • keep a timeline of events related to the Constitution
US Constitution Unit Study


What is the Constitution?

This free unit study is a small taste of the BookShark way of learning—reading great books and then talking about them.

Your free unit study is based on the illustrated children's book What is the Constitution? by Patricia Brennan Demuth. While it is not included as part of the free offer, you can purchase a copy
on the BookShark website. (Or check your public library for a copy.)

What is the Constitution

paperback not included

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What Moms Say About the Unit Study

Constitution Day is Sept. 17, 2021

Countdown to Constitution Day

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