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Homeschool Your Way Podcast

Homeschool Your Way: A Podcast by BookShark

With the right tools and the right mindset, homeschooling is nothing to be intimidated about! We’ll admit that homeschooling isn’t for everyone. But if you want to homeschool — or really need to homeschool—you can do it! And best of all, you can do it your own way!

Wouldn’t you love to have experienced homeschoolers, cheering you along with insider secrets? Yes? Then you’ll love this podcast! The hosts know homeschooling is not one-size-fits-all. So in each episode, they’ll bring you the coolest methods and the most fascinating guests to help you find your way—the best way—to homeschool.


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    A homeschool co-op can provide support and friendships for you and your children. Plus the mix of parents means that you can offset some of your own weaknesses as a teacher with the strengths of others. Ximena and DeeDee met in a homeschool co-op, so of course, they've had a great experience and want you to glean the benefits from them, too.  QUOTABLES Ximena: "If you've homeschooled for more than a year or two years, you realize that it doesn't really get any easier because your kids are always changing." DeeDee: "Other parents can offer fresh perspective for us and […]
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    Let's look at the pros and cons of educating through a charter school and a few tips for making the most of the experience should you go that route. QUOTABLES DeeDee: "…even though we are enrolled in a public charter school, we are the homeschool parents. And so we are able to homeschool. We're able to give our children that rich educational experience that we desire for them to have, but still have the benefits of the support." TIMESTAMPS 03:22 What are charter schools? 04:26 37% of charter schools are on the West coast and the majority of them are in […]
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    Danielle Perrecone-Alomoto is a neurological reorganization consultant from In the Cortex who, in this episode, talks about communicating so that kids will listen and follow directions.  QUOTABLES Danielle: "My children are four years old and 16 months and I'm still messing up. And I know this information. So there's a huge element of being human. And it's just learning the awareness and then understanding so we can be more compassionate parents. So the answer to that in short is no, you've never messed up. You're here now. And you're listening to it now. That means that you're just growing from […]
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    Distance learning is not easy. There are a ton of headaches to navigate. This podcast is about how to make the most of virtual learning and why you may want to consider a full shift to homeschooling instead. QUOTABLES DeeDee: "So talk about … frustration! You've got the kids frustrated with their learning environment, with their lack of socialization. The parents [are] frustrated because they see that this is not the best learning experience for their kids. And they're frustrated with the schools and what they're asking. It's a recipe for disaster." DeeDee: "We always encourage parents [to stick with] […]
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    Homeschooling affects everyone in the family! DeeDee and Ximena share how to make those impacts positive instead of negative. They also encourage you to nurture your relationships beyond your role as a homeschool mom/dad. Don't forget you are a child to your own parents, a friend, and (maybe) a spouse. Those bonds deserve attention, too.  QUOTABLES Ximena: "The high school years go the fastest." DeeDee: "We give you permission to leave the kitchen dirty every once in a while." TIMESTAMPS 02:48 How homeschooling puts you in a bubble that may impact your marriage and other relationships. 04:20 When spouses aren't as interested […]

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