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Homeschool Your Way Podcast

Homeschool Your Way: A Podcast by BookShark

With the right tools and the right mindset, homeschooling is nothing to be intimidated about! We’ll admit that homeschooling isn’t for everyone. But if you want to homeschool — or really need to homeschool—you can do it! And best of all, you can do it your own way!

Wouldn’t you love to have experienced homeschoolers, cheering you along with insider secrets? Yes? Then you’ll love this podcast! The hosts know homeschooling is not one-size-fits-all. So in each episode, they’ll bring you the coolest methods and the most fascinating guests to help you find your way—the best way—to homeschool.


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    Your homeschool why is your motivation or reason to homeschool. You might phrase it as a goal or even a vision statement. Special guest Candice Kelly from Homeschool on the Hill uses a simple list of pros and cons she can reference to affirm her choice to homeschool. It's a living document that she adds to from time to time. Join host Janna and Candice in this talk about the reasons to homeschool and how to stay motivated whether you're doing it for only one year or long term.  QUOTABLES  Candice: "… your homeschool why could change entirely or it just […]
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    When we're thinking about standards, it's common to worry our children will be behind. The good news is that it's easy to know what your state standards are because they are very clear and published online. You can compare your curriculum to the standards and reassure yourself that you're covering all the bases.  QUOTABLES  Lynn: "Again, don't be afraid of the standards, it's just a measure by which each state wants to make sure that they're doting their Is and crossing their t's so that they know that they're educating with the funds that they're given federally and state wide. […]
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    You don't have to be math-minded to effectively homeschool your child. This common misconception has intimidated parents, diminishing their confidence to pursue math. In this episode special guest Ken Hively, homeschool dad to 6 children and creator of My Math Assistant, shares practical applications for math at home. QUOTABLES  Ken: "…if you're going to learn anything, whether it's a skill or a subject, the way you learn that is through repetition over time. And so the way that Saxon Math was really set up was you're going to review these concepts, not just for a little bit of time to […]
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    Homeschooling a wide swath of ages and personalities means juggling multiple needs at once. Tanya has found success by combining her children as much as possible with a literature-based curriculum. She makes adjustments for each child as needed, but she doesn't create her own lesson plans. Learn why Tanya finds life skills so important and hear her tips for extracurriculars, socialization, and finding community in this encouraging episode.  QUOTABLES  Janna: "We're never really behind when we're teaching our children the love of learning." Tanya: "…each child is different. So, I cater to that, and I don't necessarily follow what schools […]
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    When you hit the high school years, yes, you need a plan, and it's best to stick with it instead of flip flopping around. But that doesn't mean you throw out all the fun! Learn how to relax through the high school years with special guest Candice Kelly who has already graduated one son.  QUOTABLES  Candice: "… when you get into high school, you really have to have a four year plan. You can't just wing it, year by year." Candice: "… before we're concerned about not hitting certain milestones, maybe we need to really look at … well, what […]

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