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Homeschool Your Way Podcast

Homeschool Your Way: A Podcast by BookShark

With the right tools and the right mindset, homeschooling is nothing to be intimidated about! We’ll admit that homeschooling isn’t for everyone. But if you want to homeschool — or really need to homeschool—you can do it! And best of all, you can do it your own way!

Wouldn’t you love to have experienced homeschoolers, cheering you along with insider secrets? Yes? Then you’ll love this podcast! The hosts know homeschooling is not one-size-fits-all. So in each episode, they’ll bring you the coolest methods and the most fascinating guests to help you find your way—the best way—to homeschool.


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    Good mood, bad mood, calm or frenzied, there’s a song that can inspire or elevate that feeling for us all. There’s a reason why every great movie has an equally great soundtrack! Singing is something that can be intensely personal but can be experienced with people of all ages and cultures. But what about the mechanics of singing? How can we easily try to fit in more music into our family lives without it becoming a painful process or without the rolling of eyes (child and parent) over song choices?  Well, we may not be able to fix the rolling […]
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    The thing about homeschooling is that it’s personal, personal to your life, your family, and your children. Your experiences can be unique to you but can also help others who are struggling or need validation that their journey is similar or not alone. That’s the goal of Homeschool Your Way to make you feel more comfortable in your homeschool journey and help you find the community and resources you need.  Today’s podcast gets personal as our host Janna Koch gets to ask her children, Courtney, Alison, and Ashley those kinds of questions. So join us as Season 3 of Homeschool […]
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    Education, it’s about learning little things that translate into big things and how those little things can have the biggest impact on how we view the world or how we live in it. The official start to most of our educational journeys is preschool, where the world starts to expand. But really what is preschool? Ask people and you can get different answers but intentional learning or teaching seems to be a theme. But not everyone, children especially learn at the same pace.  As we age we talk about the seasons of life but on the chat today hear education […]
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    Microschool? Micro School? Micro-School? However you spell it it's all the same, a small group of kiddos of a similar age getting together to learn and explore. Homeschooling is all about choice. What you teach your kids, and how you teach your kids. Join Janna and her guest as they chat about microschooling, why the Henderson family chooses to homeschool, and what that looks like for them.  ABOUT OUR GUEST | Natasha Henderson and her husband have two children. They have been homeschooling for 12 years. As a former public school special education teacher with an M.S. in Early Childhood […]
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    Math is a subject that inspires so many feelings in both students and teachers. It’s a subject that some seem to automatically excel in and others struggle. One thing that remains universal is there are varied ways to teach math, which is good because kids learn differently. What makes sense to one child may seem like learning quantum physics to another, but a different way of explaining or seeing how to work a problem or understand a concept can make all the difference! Join Janna as she chats with RightStart Math VP, Kathleen Cotter Clayton about a different way to […]

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